Production & Availability Updates

January 2021

E85/E86 Z4: 

  • The firewall braces are effectively ready to start selling. The only thing remaining is to get the final invoice from the machinist and powdercoater so we can set pricing. I've had the prototype set on my personal Z4 M Roadster for almost 2 months and they are working great. 
  • The cross bar design updates and prototype for the Z4 are done. I test fit a machined cross bar on my car with 3D-printed shock tower mounts and the fitment and clearance is perfect. The shock tower mount components have been given to the machinist to built prototypes and welding fixtures for. He's had them for about 2 weeks, so I'm hopeful we'll get them back soon. The next step for these parts is also to get full pricing created.
  • Progress pics:


  • The Z3 cross bar and shock tower rings have been submitted for initial prototyping to the machinist. Given the excellent work I've received for the Z4 components so far, I expect this will be an easy process for these parts. What I have not submitted yet is the mounting blocks themselves, as I want to confirm fitment on an actual car before doing so. 
  • We've submitted the body brace for fabrication. This is another item that will need to be properly fit on a test mule before we take orders, as we are incorporating some verbal changes that may or may not be present in previous iterations. Primarily, this is to guarantee fuel tank clearance. 

All other models:

  • E38 is in-progress. Luckily I own an E38 bar as a reference, but I'm trying to see if there is a way to redesign it so that it's cheaper to produce. The under-hood clearance on the E38 is very challenging, hence the "banana" shape of the bar. Unfortunately, this shape means it has to be cut out of a thick sheet of aluminum instead of normal bar stock, meaning a significant amount of metal waste which increases the cost by at least $100.
  • E39, E34 will come in the future, but it is not a focus right now due to extremely limited demand. These designs were never updated to the most modern Strong Strut design, and will require complete retooling before they become available again. I expect this happens in late 2021.