Production & Availability Updates

Summer 2021

For questions, please contact me:

E85/E86 Z4: 

  • Firewall braces have had their initial production run, and have had pricing set ($220). I just need to finish up building out their page on Shopify and order shipping boxes.
  • Strut tower brace prototype has over 3000 miles on it and is good to go. I need to make one final engineering tweak before ordering the production run.
  • Progress pics:


  • I am trying to make additional fitment and clearance improvements to the design. This is going slower than I would like.
  • The body brace prototype is done and ready to fit on a car. I am awaiting some laser cut spacers to arrive for final installation. A production run is expected to be ordered in August of 2021.

All other models:

  • E38 is in-progress. Luckily I own an E38 bar as a reference, but I'm trying to see if there is a way to redesign it so that it's cheaper to produce. The under-hood clearance on the E38 is very challenging, hence the "banana" shape of the bar. Unfortunately, this shape means it has to be cut out of a thick sheet of aluminum instead of normal bar stock, meaning a significant amount of metal waste which increases the cost by at least $100.
  • E39, E34 will come in the future, but it is not a focus right now due to extremely limited demand. These designs were never updated to the most modern Strong Strut design, and will require complete retooling before they become available again. I expect this happens in late 2021.